Saturday, December 6, 2008

A gift from Mom

I'm missing my mom. She is in Chad with Dad for their yearly trip. They left last week and I'm so used to calling her on my way to work each morning. Its been a lonely drive the past couple days. I feel her absence even more when Eric is gone because she is such an encouragement to me and always speaks Truth over me when I am feeling alone or sad. These are the flowers that she bought me when she came out to visit in March this past Spring. We planted the potted flowers together and then Eric and I planted the rose bush after she left. They provided so much joy with all the flowers that they blossomed. They were a perfect gift from her because she loves flowers so much. They reminded me of her every time I filled my kitchen with little bouquets.

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Anonymous said...

Lovely story...I'm getting off the computer right now and calling my Mom!