Thursday, September 30, 2010

My friend Gabby, is an ultrasound tech. She was so sweet to offer to scan me for free in 3D! I could barely wait for the to day arrive, knowing we were going to get our first glimpse of our sweet baby girls face.
And low and behold, she has Eric's lips, exactly like I wanted.:) I love how big them seem, although I'm sure they aren't as huge as I think they are. And I'll take that cute button nose and those wide set eyes any day. I wonder how much she'll look like this when she actually arrives. Sometimes babies come out looking just like their ultrasound pictures, others, not so much.
I've grown impatient in waiting for her to come, not because I'm uncomfortable, tired of being pregnant or want an end to all the back pain, continuous hunger and need for sleep. Those I don't mind because I know it means I am growing our baby.:) No, I'm impatient because I JUST WANT TO HOLD HER! I am DYING to hold her in my arms and cuddle her, and finally be able to kiss her soft forehead, rather that just feel it as she presses her head up against my ribs haha.:)
Cute little feet.:) I got two sets of boots for her from a surprise baby shower that my Biblestudy girls threw me. They are SO cute and I can't wait to dress her up in them.


Sam said...

The Millers make cute kids! Of course, the Kewleys babies are quite adorable as well. With the combination, you couldn't lose! ;-)

A Homemaker's Heart said...

So wonderful!!! I need to see your pregger belly, but more than that, I NEED to kiss her sweet face when she arrives!