Thursday, March 12, 2009

LA to see Max... Vegas to see Eric!

He's such a cute! Little Max-man was such a joy to hang out with. He slept quite a bit, as babies seem to do,=) but the few times he could keep his eyes open, it was a treat. I had a wonderful visit with my mom and just being available to help settle into having 2 children was great. Phoebe was so precious to Max and couldn't stop kissing his head. Her and I had some fun together. I love the little forehead wrinkles! Here he is trying to get a glimpse of his Nana.

We painted our toenails and she got her fingernails done as well, which she showed off to everyone that came over.

Little Max sleeping away.

Nana with her new grandson.

Phoebe and I were attempting to take a picture together and this is as close as we got. We look so mad at each other, haha! She was not cooperating and so we ended up with a stare-down pic.
Love it.
Phoebe wanted to do everything Max did. Sit in Mom's lap, suck on the binky, and get the car seat. She was so adorable.
And then I headed to Vegas where Eric has been for the past 3 weeks for a string of training missions. He's been pulling 14 hr days and its been a long ride. He comes home tomorrow, which we are both SO excited for. One of my best friends, Sam and her husband Jordan, who live in L.A. were able to drive up and hang out with us for the weekend. We had a wonderful hanging out and having awesome conversations about ministry and life. It was amazing the fellowship we had in such a pagan place.=) It was a great time.

Me and my AF Stud.
Sam and me... or affectionately known as "Shuga & Spice"

Hanging out with the Ballards! We miss you!!!


Chase and Julie said...

looks like so much fun! can't wait to hear more details!

Brandon and Lindsay Spurlock said...

So fun!! We miss you four like crazy :)