Saturday, November 8, 2008

ummm, hellllllo?

John Kewley wrote at 5:44pm
so on my way home i was driving, driving safely, i obeyed the rules... of the road. whatever a sign came at me i looked at and said "okay, you got it...sign" so im driving along..safely and all of a sudden a guy in another lane completely oblivious to me starts to ease over into my lane, he just starts coming INNN to my lane. and if i didnt see him... coming in uh accident yeah accident but because i saw him coming in i was able to assess the situation. and then i eased on the breaks as he started coming in, i eased on the breaks and i said automatically what anyone says when theyre in that situation, you cant help it, it just comes out...i said "ummm hellllloo? uhhh hi? hello?"

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