Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The newest addition to the Miller fam

So, I initially wanted a yorkie, and what did we get? A rottweiler.=) Everyone, this is Ellen. She is so stinkin' great. Eric and I talked for months about what kind of dog to get. We just couldn't decide! We finally decided on a rottweiler for a couple reasons. One, with Eric being gone quite a bit, we wanted a dog that would look intimidating, but not necessarily bite everyone's head off that walked in the house. Two, rottweilers, despite their bad rep, they are wonderful family dogs. They are extremely loyal and very intelligent. Both of these traits have been proved with Ellen. A thirdly, we just think rottweilers look stinkin' awesome.=)

She is so smart, and extremely loveable. I think the thing we enjoy most about her right now, is how lazy she is.=) She has her puppy energy, but doesn't tear through the house like a mini tornado. She loves to sit for hours on the kitchen floor with her bone and just chill. She has even at times to be completely sprawled out on the kitchen floor, then attempting to just tilt her head over the side of her water bowl in order to drink rather just getting up and drinking like any regular dog. She makes us laugh. Here are a few pictures over the past couple months.

This is the day we brought her home. She was just 8 weeks old and already HUGE!

This is how she lays. Paws spread out in front and hind legs sprawled out in the back. I love it!

Massive paws.... she's gonna be a big one.

Hardly small enough to pick up anymore....

Love those eyes.


Stephen and Lacey said...

I LOVE the addition to your family! Plus, I love the name Ellen!! I am excited that you are blogging!! I am new at this and still soo nervous about it!! Love you Anna!!

Jennie said...

Yay, I'm glad you're keeping a blog now too! Love the puppy.

Sherrill said...

Ellen has the cutest butterscotch eyebrows. I LOVE the photos of her. She's looks like a Luv.

Anna, I'm so glad you are blogging. It is very special to log on and see your beautiful face.

And John, may I ask where you buy your clothes? Since Rachel lives the closest, maybe she can help. :)

Love – Aunt Sherrill

Anonymous said...

gimme an A! gimme a D! gimme an O! gimme a R! gimme an A! gimme a B! gimme a L! gimme an E!

What does that spell? ADORABLE!