Sunday, May 27, 2012

What we need

Well, we didn't think we would get here, but we did. And we are SO excited.:)

You see, we have asked for prayer, support, love, encouragement from you all and you have most definitely given it. But we have not asked for your money, although some of you have given generously any way. And this is why we haven't asked.

We have seen the Lord provide for other peoples adoptions who did not have the means to save. We have been apart of helping to support them by giving. And it has SO blessed us. But when we began our adoption process in September last year, we looked at the timeline we were given, and saw that we had the ability to save from our own income to fund the entire thing. We thought we would have about 2 years before we would be bringing a child home, and even though we were open to adopting two, we thought we would only receive one. And we wanted to allow those who wanted to give toward adopting families, to give to those who could NOT save, who did not have the means or income to put money aside the way that we could. We wanted to free those who had the heart to give, to give to those who needed it most.

But as you can see, all that we thought about timing and the number of children has changed. We will most likely be bringing our TWO children home before a year is even complete from when we began our paperwork last September. The cost for bringing two children home is approximately $40,000. We have about $8,000-$9,000 left that we need. At this moment, we are unable to bring our children home due to lack of funds.

We are not worried. We are not the least bit anxious about money. We know that "The king's heart is in the hand of the LORD; he directs it like a watercourse wherever he pleases." Proverbs 21:1 and money is no different. We know He will provide. But we now see that it will not just be through the income that He has blessed us with. We need His Body to rise up and love orphans, our orphans, and give.

We are seen this idea done several times with other families and I fell in LOVE with it the first time I saw it. We have bought a 1000 piece puzzle, called "Waiting for the Bus" It is a gorgeous puzzle that is a beautiful picture of African culture and I cannot wait to hang it in our living room.

Each piece of the puzzle will be "sponsored" through a donation of $10.  We are inviting you to "sponsor" a piece, or multiple pieces, to bring home our children.  With each piece that you sponsor, we will write your name on the back and put it into place. Our prayer is that every piece will have the name of someone who has given generously and that we can show K & F how many people prayed, loved and gave sacrificially to bring them home. We have recently been given $1,000 from our church which we will put towards towards the puzzle.

We have added a Donate button at the top of the blog for your convenience. It works through Paypal and if you use a credit card, rather than directing money from a bank account, it does charge you a 3% processing fee. Either way is fine, we just wanted you to be aware of the fee. But please feel free to write a check if that makes you feel more comfortable.

Thank you to those who encouraged us to do this. Who spoke truth into our lives that the Lord would provide and that He cares for His children. We are SO excited to see how He works through you all.

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