Friday, December 9, 2011

Thanksgiving was SO fun this year. We went to LA to spend it with the Coles. Man I love that family. It was SO fun seeing Phoebe and Max dote on Britt and watching them all interact.
We just hung out, ate good food, drank wine and made lots of popcorn.
While we were there we celebrated Britt's one year which I'll post about later. It was perfect and I'm so glad we could celebrate with family.
Bad shot, but this was our thanksgiving dinner.:) it was yummy. Levi's sister Caroline came Phoebe helped me make the apple pie. I love this kid so much.

The cousins jumping on the couch together. It was SO fun to see them play.
We went to a Jump Zone on Thanksgiving morning where there were trampolines EVERYWHERE. it was SO fun! Britt LOVED it. She loves to bounce so much - I wish we had one here.
Wearing our hoodies.
We FINALLY got to meet Campbell. Ah it was so good to hold him and see Sam as a mom. She is a complete natural and loves Campbell so well.
Isn't she beautiful??? She makes it look SO good. We had such a good time sitting outside, drinking some beer, walking around the neighborhood and just catching up. Love them so much.
Uncle Remix trying his baby whisperer hand at calming Campbell down.:) I love watching him hold babies. He's so hot.:)
We went to the beach one day cause it was warm and beautiful - it was SO fun!!!

Britt had so much fun squawking like a seagull, running and falling all over the sand and eating it too.:) It was relaxing and wonderful to just be together as a family. I would go back in a second. I love being near family and made my heart long for the day, if the Lord wills it, that we live close by.

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