Friday, September 16, 2011

Life By Brandi capture Britt in all her cuteness AGAIN. I am looooving Britt at this age right now - she is trying to walk, is constantly searching my face as she tries to understand me as I talk and is so giggling and happy. So her 9 month photo shoot was an absolute blast.My heart breaks when I look at her and see how much she has grown. I got genuinely POed the other day thinking about it. I have loved each new stage, I just HATE saying goodbye to her smallness and babyness. It drives me crazy!!I adore you Britt Louise. You hold my heart in your very small, often Cheerio filled hand, and I wouldn't have it any other way. What a gift and delight you are. I can't thank Jesus enough for giving you to me as my daughter. I am so so humbled to be your mommy.


A Homemaker's Heart said...

So sweet! Can I send you money and you can send me a 5x7? I'm serious, I hafta have one!

pink coffee photo said...

She is an absolute doll. :)