Friday, April 29, 2011

Well here it in its entirety. We redid our floors last weekend and are loving it. The carpet we had wasn't horrible, but it wasn't great either. The seams were coming apart and it was filthy, regardless of the vacuuming and steam treatments we gave it. I mean, with a dog that has BLACK hair, its just hard to even keep looking clean, regardless of it actually being clean.

Eric had a week long TDY and was going to be arriving home late on a Friday night. Well, we were having a bunch of our friends over to do the floors early Saturday morning, so he and I ripped up the carpet the day before he left. Therefore I lived carpetless for a week - not a big deal, just wasn't very homey.

Ripping up carpet is no small feat. See the small strip of board around the outline? THats what the carpet is nailed into, and that is actually nailed into the concrete base floor. Ripping the actual carpet wasn't hard, it was getting the wood strip off the concrete and the padding peeled off as well.
Some success...
Our little "helper" was great at entertaining herself while we worked. I think she was in that thing for over an hr, just bouncing and talking to us.:) she's the best.
The padding didn't just come up - its actually glued to the concrete. So all those little pieces you see had to be scraped on with a hand scrapper. Yeah, no fun.
Getting somewhere!!!
Finally the floor was clear and all the furniture moved off the area. I have always wanted a couch in my kitchen, its a shame that this was clearly is too large because I loved having it there.:)
Ready to put the padding down.
Padding down, wood going down and taking a break for lunch. We had a great group of people who helped soooo much. We couldn't have done it without them.
Watching Tim Riley work his magic. He did the hallway, which was super tricky, and it looks UH-mazing.
Getting there!!!
Starting to really look finished. We put tape the floor because it was a floating floor, aka, not glued to the mat, it had a tendency to rise up, or pop up.
And here is the finished product!!!! I need to buy a rug, (I'm pretty sure I have one picked out from West Elm) and lower the curtains, (I just made new ones out of tablecloths from Goodwill) and we are set!


Sam said...

In the pictures the floor makes the room look huge!

Brandi Sue said...

wow! You are amazing with your DYI stuff!